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What is Money Matters?

The picture of American financial health is staggering:

  • Only 28% of Americans are considered financially healthy and 44% said their expenses exceeded their income in the last year (Center for Financial Services Innovation)

  • It is estimated that 15 - 30% of American have no retirement savings at all

  • Only 10% believe they have saved enough for retirement

  • On average, people say there is a 45% chance they will run out of money in retirement while only 41% say they have taken any action 

  • 40% of Americans can not cover an unexpected $400 expense

  • 38% of households have credit card debit averaging $16,000

  • 43% of student loan borrowers are not making payments

  • and the list goes on


Most people want to make sound financial decisions, but have not been taught how to do it.  We do not have required basic financial education in the vast majority of high schools, colleges/universities, trade schools, etc.  It's no wonder that two-thirds of adults can not pass a basic financial literacy test. 

The goods news is that there is hope!  


It's not your fault if you have not been taught, but it is your responsibility to learn.


Money Matters is a 90 day online coaching program designed to give you the tools and customized support you need to finally take control of your financial future - without judgement of your circumstances or current financial position.  The Money Matters team walks you through the process with positive, hopeful, and future-focused support so that you can:

  • Give yourself financial peace of mind

  • Clearly understand and take control of your finances

  • Create tangible, doable goals to help you make sound financial decisions moving forward

  • Learn and practice a repeatable methodology that improves your financial future from day one

How Does Money Matters work?  

The Money Matters team uses a proven process to designed to educate, empower, and spark action.

Through a series of online videos, guidance and eight virtual one-on-one coaching calls, we help define your goals and develop a specific action plan to change direction and move toward your long term goals. Our process is focused on four steps:

  • Vision - where you want to be and why; this is crucial and overlooked by many personal financial programs

  • Reality - the truth about your current reality (without judgement)

  • Execute - a clear roadmap to change your direction to where you want to be and actionable steps to make it happen

  • Legacy - we then work with you to make changes that will last a lifetime




Who will benefit from Money Matters?


Anyone can benefit from this program especially​:

  • College graduates with student loans

  • Individuals/couples/families that earn enough but don't seem to be getting ahead

  • Business owners who need help managing their finances

  • Newly married couples planning their financial future

  • Individuals or couples struggling with debt or that have different spending habits

  • Individuals or couples without a clear vision and long term goals

  • Empty nesters with a changing financial landscape

  • Individuals or couples planning for retirement

  • Family status changes with financial impacts (e.g., divorce, birth, death, helping aging parents, etc)


Note: Money Matters does not offer investment advice or sell insurance products, but we can recommend financial professionals if​ you have a need.

Money Guides
Target Debbie 2.jpg
Debbie Stephens


Phone: (864) 214-6748

Jerry Stephens, ChFC


Phone: (864) 300-2801

Debbie's background includes business and technical positions in the insurance industry.  She has been self-employed since 1999 facilitating vision and goal setting sessions for clients and assisting them in document automation and process improvement.  She has held several insurance and project manager designations. Debbie is looking forward to this new venture and is excited about helping people take charge of their financial hopes and dreams.

Debbie is passionate about cooking and healthy eating.  She enjoys gardening and traveling with Jerry and her dog Stella in their RV.  She is also looking forward to spending more time with her husband and business partner Jerry.  

Jerry's background has included positions in finance, insurance and business consulting and he has been self employed for over a decade.  He has completed the Chartered Financial Consultant designation and is a Professional Bookkeeper that provides financial insight and profit improvement opportunities to small businesses.  Jerry believes strongly that personal financial education should be part of the basic curriculum in high school and college. 


Jerry enjoys grilling/smoking, travel, photography, dogs and craft beer.  He is also kind of fond of his wife and business partner Debbie.

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