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GoodRx saves on drug prescriptions

Drug prescriptions can be very expensive depending on the drug and insurance coverage. It’s also an area where the ease of price transparency can make it hard to shop for the best price. However, GoodRx is a website and an app that can help you save a significant amount and it costs nothing! What’s even better is that GoodRx doesn’t require you to create an account, share your phone number, email or sign in though Facebook. Maybe you already are using GoodRx since it has been around since 2011. However, if you haven’t checked it out, it is worth a look.

GoodRx cannot be combined with insurance or Medicare. You will want to ask the pharmacy to compare your insurance (or Medicare) co-pay to the GoodRx price to see which is cheaper.

The GoodRx website or app is free. You can find the app at your app store. After downloading, you type the drug name in the search bar at the top of the screen. GoodRx will recognize the drug after you type the first few letters. Select the drug and it will bring up a screen for you to choose the dosage and quantity. It assumes you are looking for pharmacies near you but you can select other locations. Then you click Search Prices and it will bring up a list of nearby pharmacies and the price for the dosage and quality you selected. The price displayed will often be for members (e.g., grocery store rewards programs), or with a coupon (which GoodRX includes) or for cash purchase only.

GoodRx also offers GoodRx Gold. GoodRx Gold is a premium membership program. It does have a fee but it promises even greater savings than GoodRx.WeI have not tried GoodRx Gold so we cannot comment on the value or additional savings it claims.

We tested GoodRx on several popular drugs here were the results for our location:

Lipitor (atorvastatin) 40mg, 30 tablets

Harris Teeter $6 with membership

CVS with coupon $18.25

Rite Aid with coupon $56.31

Sertraline (generic Zoloft), 100mg, 30 tablets

Harris Teeter Free with membership

Walgreens $15 with membership

Rite Aid $23.40 with coupon

Tadalafil (Cialis), 5mg, 30 tablets

Harris Teeter $21.61 with coupon

Walmart $28.48 with coupon

CVS $86.13 coupon

Omeprazole (generic Prilosec) 40mg, 30 capsules

Harris Teeter $3 with membership

CVS $24 with coupon

Rite Aid $58.02 with coupon

Your prices will likely be different than the above based on your location. However, as you can see, GoodRx can help provide the price transparency necessary to do comparison shopping for drug prescriptions. Give it a try!

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