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Great coffee at a good price!

The cost of drinking coffee can add up to a fairly significant amount over a year.  Just 1 cup a day at $4 each with taxes and a tip can be $2,000 a year!  We have experimented with many methods of making coffee including French Press, Aeropress, the Pour over method, Chemex, etc.  Most of those methods produce a very good cup of coffee and are more economical than buying coffee elsewhere.  However, we have found that cold brew coffee is easy, cost effective and results in a smoother cup of coffee than other methods. 

Here is the general process:

You will need a brewing bag like the ones from

Any coffee will do but we prefer Colombian (Costco sells the Kirkland brand in whole bean at good price)

Use a course grind on the coffee beans (if you don’t have a grinder you can buy ground coffee)

Fill the bag with ground coffee and tie it

Drop the bag into a 64 oz container of cold water and refrigerate at least 12 hours and even better at 24 hours

When done, discard the bag (or use the grounds to on acid loving plants) and put the cold coffee into a vessel to warm it up on the stove or microwave it.  Or, you can obviously drink it as iced coffee.

Store the coffee in the refrigerator. It is good for 3 -4 days


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